PlayBuilders of Hawaii Brand Identity

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PlayBuilders of Hawaii

​A rebranding proposal for PlayBuilders of Hawaii Theater Company.

This design uses hands to represent all the people involved in the PlayBuilders process and emphasizes the value of community, empathy, and support.


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Spring, 2021

Actors rehearsing their lines

What is PlayBuilders?

Playbuilders of Hawaiʻi Theater Company is a roving, multi-ethnic ensemble of experienced theater makers who wish, through theatre, to create opportunities for effective communication and cultural exchange between the people of Hawaiʻi. PlayBuilders mission is to gather and share real stories that resonate with, empower and connect individuals within the many culturally rich and diverse communities of Hawaiʻi.


Brainstorming diagram of who is involved in PlayBuilders, word lists, and initial sketches
Breakdown of PlayBuilder logo

Identity Anatomy

Every element of the logo has a meaning. The PlayBuilders team, the audience, and the community are represented within the logo, along with the role and value each member offers to PlayBuilders. The reference to the red ginger plant connects PlayBuilders to Hawaiʻi and emphasizes the importance of diversity. Finally, the circle brings everyone together and symbolizes story circles, which are the most important step of the healing process.

Breakdown of PlayBuilder logo colors

Color Symbolism

The cool green color symbolizes the life, growth and safety that the PlayBuilders team provides for the communities of Hawaiʻi. The soft red color symbolizes the compassion, empathy, and sensitivity of the PlayBuilders Theater audience. The bold yellow color symbolizes the energy, optimism, and enlightenment of the individual lives transformed by the PlayBuilders process.

Process Book

This process book introduces the objective of the project, showcases the ideation process, explains the inspiration and symbolism of the logo, and demonstrates how the logo should be used.

Two PlayBuilder process book mockups